JL Fulks

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My Teaching History

I have been taking guitar lessons since I was 13 years old. I have studied privately with some highly credited guitarists for the last 12 years which helped me get to where I am today. I also studied online with Berklee College of Music which I found Online Education to be highly affective. I received two certificates from Berklee. One is a Specialist Certificate in Blues, Rock, and Jazz Guitar. The other certificate is a Master Guitar Certificate, which is the highest achievement in guitar from Berklee Online. 

I am very familiar with how online education works and offer a sneak peak into some of the secrets that I learned from Berklee and my hands on experience in the music industry. I really focus on the fundamentals needed to become a great player and the style of guitar that YOU want to learn. I offer my skills in Blues Guitar, Rock Guitar, Songwriting, and Beginner Jazz Guitar. I teach all skill levels.

I started teaching about 4 years ago privately and taught part-time at the School of Rock in Coral Springs, FL in 2014 & 2015. Due to how much I am playing now I only teach privately and offer my help as a substitute teacher at the School of Rock. Contact me and schedule a lesson today!


In-Person Guitar Lessons

Contact me HERE on my website and we’ll agree on a day and time to do the lesson in person when I am in your area.  Lessons are paid on location.

Lessons are:

-$45 for a 30 minute lesson, $60 for an hour lesson. I also do $150 for a group of 4, for 30 minute lessons. 


Contact me HERE on my website and we’ll agree on a day and time to do the lesson.  Lessons are pre-paid using Paypal.  

Lessons are:

-$30 for a 30 minute lesson, $45 for an hour lesson. I also do $120 for a group of 4, for 30 minute lessons. (Prices are for the lesson and include Paypal’s fees).  And for your convenience, we’ll send you a Paypal invoice to remind you when payment is due.

Unlike other teachers, I have a very flexible schedule.  The lessons can be used whenever you wish within a 4-month range.  For example, we can do one lesson this week, then the next lessons in 2 weeks, then the next lessons three weeks after, etc.  It’s up to you.  The schedule is left flexible so that you can get the most out of the lessons and time in between to work on the material.  You will not be charged for missed lessons (as long as at least 24 hours notice is given).  While lessons can be used/rescheduled within that 4-month range, no refunds are given.


 If you’re using a pc (non-APPLE), we use Skype.   Skype is free and simple to install, set up and use.  You can find the program here: www.skype.com

If you’re on an APPLE, FaceTime or Skype.

Regardless of the platform, you’ll need a webcam and a mic.  Your computer’s built-in cam/mic will work fine and will pick up the amp sitting in your room.  

That’s it! 

PS – Lessons make a great gift! You can buy lessons and give them to someone else for birthdays, holidays, or any reason at all!